Tuesday, February 01, 2011

a moment

this weekend the kids pulled out the monopoly game.
they played it on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (we had no school on Monday)

on Sunday night Cory played a game with some of the kids.
they were on the livingroom floor.
Ben was on the couch listening to his ipod
the girls were playing with some of their toys around the room
I was knitting on the chair.
we were all in the same room just hanging out.
that never happens!
I was sitting there thinking I should pull out my camera and put it on the table and set the timer.
I wanted to capture that moment forever.
but I didn't.
then the game was over, and the kids moved on.

next time I am going to try to remember this,
and actually grab the camera.
because my memory is not so good- I and I will probably forget this moment ever happened.
and it was a great moment.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Love the nice moments. That picture is good too.