Wednesday, February 16, 2011


yesterday after I sent Maggie to get dressed for school, this is the outfit she came out with.
I said- wow- that is a lot of polka dots.
she said- I know, it's because I love them.
I guess so!
(I love them too!)
she did end up switching the leotards out for jeans, but kept the skirt and the shirt.
some things aren't worth the battle.
and some things you can get away with when you are 5. (almost 6!)


Lynn said...

Oh she is a little fashion passion! Seriously! She knows what is hot and looks good right now. Beautiful. I love it!

shelleyjanae said...

I noticed that yesterday as you were leaving and was going to say something. Too funny.

Joanne said...

that is tooo cute! way to go polka dot maggie.