Tuesday, February 08, 2011


high time to update the blog!
not too much exciting going on here.
-just trying not to freeze- but hear it is supposed to get warmer again this weekend.
-angry that my favorite radio station all of a sudden switched to number 1 hits. if I wanted to listen to those I would be listening to the other 3 or 4 radio stations in this city that play the top hits. sheesh.
-hanging out with Ben at the hospital this morning- his finger got jammed when he was playing soccer in gym class yesterday, so we had to make sure it wasn't broken. nope, just sprained.
- getting a hair cut and color-
way too long over due. my roots were awful.- but now-
not so bad. and of course my hair dresser straightened it.
and of course it will never look this way again.
- and last week I tried to cut Maggie's hair.
bad idea.
then I realized how uneven the sides were and tried to even them up.
that was not a good idea either.
then my sister called me- another sister had signed her kids up for a birthday club thing at the mall, and got a bunch of coupons for her daughter-
that they won't be using because they are now far far away-
and one was for a haircut at a real salon- so I jumped on that one- and Maggie got a cute 'do. (and it is even. yay!)
-then I left the computer to make some supper-
and this is what I found.

silly little girl!


shelleyjanae said...

so cute. Makes me want to get a cute short haircut. LOVE the photo of Maggie at the end... she loves that photo booth. Cute.

Jill said...

Very cute hair on BOTH of you BABES! I am glad I am far away....Just Kidding I am sad I am far away, but glad you can use our fun coupons!

Andrea said...

Cute hair. I'll try to not be offended.
Glad Ben's finger is ok

Dixie said...

I'm ticked off about the radio station, too. My husband is secretly happy because that works in his favour of me agreeing to let him sign up for XM radio when the 3-month free trial period expires on our new car. I might have to give in.

Cute haircuts by the way!!

Joanne said...

ca-ute! the both of you. I hate that I can't get my hair to look as fabulous as the hairdresser can. oh well, enjoy it until the next hair washing!