Saturday, February 19, 2011

a question for you

so- say I am thinking about taking my family on a trip down to Utah in the summer time.
(I have thought of this before, but I think this year is the year.)
what do we have to do,
what should we see,
where should we go?
on my for sure list is touring temple square,
and climbing mount timpanogos.
I know there is so much more- what is the most fantastic stuff?
please, let me know what you think!


Joanne said...

thanksgiving point has fun stuff to see and do. this is the place monument, check out DI stores, Tai pan imports and Jo-ann's fabrics of course!!!!!!

Andrea said...

you must go to BYU!

Lynn said...

Ensign Peak!

Pioneer Women's museum.

The Capital Building.

Brigham Young's home.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building (make sure to go the one of the amazing restaurants on the roof top too!!)

This is the Place monument.

The church's Printing Center - where all printed material is done. It's an amazing tour!!!!!

The distribution center is also awesome to go to.

Welfare square!!!!!!! Oh man, another fantastic tour!! You will be able to attend one of their DI stores on that tour as well.

Also tour of the Conference Center. Another fantastic one!

If I think of more I will let you know. Bobbi Jo Grunewald would also be able to give you the name of that really cool garden with a secret door in it that they went to, as well.

shelleyjanae said...

I agree with all of the above... AND on your way down and/or back up you should do Yellowstone, BYU-I, sand dunes, Big Judd's, and I have always wanted to do the cement slides (like on Sesame Street) in Jackson Hole.
Oh- and the Lofthouse cookie factory in Ogden and the Pepperidge Farm factory in Logan. Don't know if they do tours but they do have outlet stores! Oh and possibly the Napoleon Dynamite tour in Preston- it might not be as exciting since it has been a few years but is on the way to Logan from Idaho...

Kami said...

I know some people have said This is the Place monument--but go to This is the Place Heritage Park. It's like a mini Nauvoo (but not free and minus the missionaries and awesome shows). But it is really neat and there's lots of things for kids to do.

Kami said...

That's the website.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lots of those other ideas too. One not mentioned yet is teh Bingham Copper Mines (so deep you can see them from space) - tractors with wheels bigger than your house.

Also your bigger kids (older than 8) should see the Joseph Smith movie in the memorial building by temple square.