Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day!

the day of love
(and candy)
I crocheted some hearts, and glued them to some hair clips for the girls to wear to school!

I bought a variety of heart candy, and filled up my candy jars- these will be pulled out at Family home evening- along with the cake balls I made. they aren't pretty, but they sure taste good.
( I had to make sure they were okay, right?)
the heart shaped pretzels covered with chocolate are from walmart- so very cute,
and the heart shaped jelly tots were from superstore. so cute (and really yummy too!)
I got this sweet valentine from a girl in my primary class. it says you are the bomb.
and it's like a bomb!(made up with 3 packs of rolos) so creative- and it involves chocolate. love it!
- super exciting news- this morning I put on a pair of my jeans, and they were way too big, I could pull them off without unbuttoning them. I was so excited.
-sad news- after today, I think those jeans might just fit me again. yikes!


Joanne said...

happy v day to you !!! super glad about those jeans being too big. hope it stays that way!!!

Andrea said...

love it. Lucky you. I think all your weight has jumped on me? Hey my word verification is vance. haha