Wednesday, February 09, 2011


(or how much is too much.)

so, you know how sometimes you really want to eat some homemade baked stuff, but you really don't want all the sugar and fat and calories?

well- that is how I was feeling this morning-
so I attempted to make some banana muffins- but a lot healthier.

I substituted whole wheat flour for all the white flour,
honey for all the sugar,
applesauce for the oil-
and added a bit of flax seed-
now sometimes I know when I try to make things healthy they just don't taste very good

but I have to say, I think these were pretty yummy.
but that might be because I put in chocolate chips-
no substitutions for those!
so- am I justified in eating a whole lot, since they are really healthy?
no- I didn't think so.
darn it.


Melis said...

you could have used carob chips, that might have been even healthier...then you could eat them all! :) haha

Joanne said...

haha funny. it looks good though and you are such a good mom to get up and make those for breakfast!