Monday, September 12, 2011

looking back

the leaves are turning yellow, and starting to fall,
the geese are everywhere, getting ready to fly south,
fall is here,
and I realize I really didn't post much of our summer vacation.
on the Sunday that we were in Utah, we went on a tour of the conference center.
that place is amazing.
the roof was fantastic, and it was so very hot the day we were there,
I just wanted to soak in those nice cool fountains.
we had the sweetest old man as our tour guide, and as we were going back out of the auditorium, he took Maggie's hand and they walked up,
having a little conversation.
so cute!

we went to yellowstone.
yes, my kids are touching the water.
no, you aren't supposed to do it.
but we had to know how hot it was.
(just lukewarm by the time it was by the path-so don't go touching it. you really aren't supposed to!) thank goodness it was just warm, or we would have all had burnt fingers.
yellowstone was beautiful.
so unique and amazing. how you would be driving along, then pow, a cool rock formation,
some hot springs, some paint pots. what a wonderful world we live in.
we really only did and afternoon there. someday we might have to go back and take a couple of days and see the whole park.

a lot of driving.
my kids are really good.
we didn't have any movies. just DS' and a few toys,
Ben had his ipod.
it was a good summer.

bring on fall.
we are ready.


Dixie said...

Sounds like a great vacation. I love the picture of Maggie holding hands with the tour guide. How precious!

shelleyjanae said...

I agree... so cute. Please share MORE photos!! 3 is certainly not enough to show an 11 day vacation!!

Andrea said...

Cute. I agree- more photos!!! Some of us don't get trips, so have to live vicariously through others. What a rebellious family you are.

crystal b. said...

Dang! I wish I would have know you were going to Utah -- I would have made a trip out just to see you. Hope it was fun. Don't you just love Yellowstone?