Thursday, September 29, 2011

oh pinterest

sweet sweet pinterest.
a time sucker,
an idea giver.
so much fun
and goodness
all in one.
so glad it came into my life.
so many things pinned,
I am so glad that crystal B had
a genius idea of actually making things that we have pinned, and sharing!
since I had a few ideas I wanted to try out for our super saturday (a whole day of crafting we do at the church close to Christmas time) this was perfect!
one think I have wanted to try was this super cute star made out of cardboard. I love stars. and to make such cuteness out of something I would just have recycled- genius.
so that was the project I chose to do.
now, I did learn a thing or two.
I need to find a symmetrical star to trace- because as you can see, the centers of my lines do not match up. so the middle is kind of a schmoz. but I got the jist of it.
it was pretty easy. and cute. I will definitely try a bigger one next.


crystal b. said...

I so hope that you share how you did that. I want to make some!!!! Super cute. Have you thought about coating one with glitter and putting it on the end of a painted dowel? It would make a cute photo shoot with a little girl. :)

Speaking of photo shoots, I need a little beanie for a newborn baby girl. Can I haire you??

Andrea said...

Cute. Can I come to your Super Sat??

Kim said...

we are doing these for our super saturday! They looked super cute and "Free"!! Perfect :)