Monday, September 05, 2011

an unfortunate incident

it started out good.
a trip to the park for a picnic with my family,
enjoy the holiday today,
but Ben didn't want to come.
we made him come.
he got to drive us there.
it was in the big city.
we even saw 2 of Cory's sisters there.
that was fun!
then I laid out my blanket,
lay down on it,
closed my eyes,
and then someone was sitting on my head.
what the?!?
I sit up,
and there is Ben, lying there, with a big gash in his head. blood all over.
turns out he sat on Jack,
and Cory came over to wrestle him off
and they ended up tumbling over,
Ben onto the cement curb.
not good.
Cory and Ben spent the evening at the hospital getting stitches.
turns out he has a concussion. and gets to stay home from school.
and we get to wake him up throughout the night to make sure he is okay.
hopefully he is okay.
he had to get a bit of his head shaved where he got stitches.
that will not make him happy at all.
needless to say,
he didn't drive home.

ps. I found the plug for my computer.
right where I hid it away from the kids.
and forgot where I hid it.


Kayli said...

WOW- that is exciting.

Lynn said...

YIkes!!! Hope everybody is better soon.

Andrea said...

So sad. Hope he's doing good!!

Dixie said...

Some kids will do anything to get out of going to school (and early morning Seminary!)

crystal b. said...

Yikes is right! Hope everyone is on the mend. I'm sure there were a few silent Yippees knowing there were a few days of from seminary. :)

How do you like having another driver? Scares me to death!!!! I'm worried sick all the time.

shelleyjanae said...

So glad that in the midst of your concern and compassion you were able to take a photo. :) Glad to hear he is getting better. Did you get the blood out of your super cute quilt?

Jill said...

What excitement I miss out on when the family gets together for a picnic! Tell Ben the whole "getting stiches during family get-togethers" is getting old! Isn't this the second time it has happened!
Just kidding....Tell him if I was there I would give him a bog ol' SMOOCH!