Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hard knock life

ahh grade 1.
it's hard work.
maggie had some homework.
she brought it home Monday, but forgot about it until Tuesday. said she HAD to do it and take it back Wednesday,
(but she didn't.
it is due on Friday.- but when you are grade one these things are a bit confusing, and very, very important)
so I told her last night that she could do it this morning.
so she got out of bed this morning and wanted to do it. I told her she had to get dressed first.
that didn't go over well.
she got dressed. ate some breakfast. then we pulled out the homework.
she drew her first c.
and freaked out. it was all wrong.
it is too hard.
she's not doing it.
she's not going to school.
so- I had a wave of mothering genius wash over me.
I told her she could stay home, but she would have to work.
on the oil rigs. because you don't need school for that.
(looking back I should have said Mc Donalds, or something that would make way less money than the oil rigs.
Actually Ben said, I will go work on the rigs. I can travel and make lots of money.
so yes, definitely should have said Mc D's)
I think that kind of shocked her.
she decided maybe it wasn't so hard. and continued to write her letters.
and went to school.
and was happy.
thank goodness.
crisis averted.
tonight she will finish the q row. although q's are pretty tricky letters.

ps. I really don't think working on the oil rigs would be that bad.
I was just trying to think of something on the spur of the moment.
I don't think well when put on the spot.


Andrea said...

You should never say McDonalds to a little kid- they think that's the best place ever. So oil rigs for her is a good choice.
I love that my school doesn't give homework. They say the young kids should play and be with family when home. So we only have spelling words and home reading- which is enough. Good luck with the q's.

shelleyjanae said...

EVERY kid should have homework! Especially when I hear the one kid read in my primary class always brags about not having homework compared to those who DO get homework. May not be the ONLY issue but just saying... Ummm... pretty sure the oil rigs WOULD be bad- like living in an R rated movie every day. Sure the money would be sweet but the damage to your soul wouldn't be. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrea. I think if you had said McDonald's Maggie would have quit school right then and there.