Friday, April 07, 2006

a beautiful day...

we woke up to rain.
Had to pull out the rain coats, and rubber boots.
I spent part of the morning rounding up the winter stuff and putting it into rubbermaids. I probably shouldn't do that yet.
We always need it one more time,
but here's hoping!
then it cleared up after lunch.
after the naps, I dressed the girls up, and we went outside to wait for the boys to come home from school.
We had Heidi today. She's the blonde girl at the top. She definitely looks like a Weller!
Maggie loves swinging on the patio swing!
Sadie did some sidewalk art.
Love the sun, and being able to sit outside!
We just need to get Maggie walking more, so she's not crawing in the mud and wet grass!
A busy weekend coming up-
Steve and Leanne, and their crew are sleeping over.
Cousin Emily's baptism Saturday evening, and cousin Kirsten's blessing on Sunday. A gathering of Livingstones!
Crazy family fun! The kids can't wait.

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