Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Loving this weather...

We went on a bike ride last night for FHE.
All of us!

We rode down to our old place, and visited with our old neighbors, Ron and Helene.
They were (are)so nice.
The kind of neighbors who bring over an easter basket full of goodies.. and drop of a bag of halloween treats for the kids because they weren't going to be home on halloween night.
That kind of neighbor.
We miss them.
Maggie did not like that helmet.
Once we got going she was good.
I think I will have to put Sadie and Maggie in that trailer more often and go out on a little ride-
if it ever is just Sadie and Maggie around here....
3 extras this morning. so much fun around here!

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rebecca said...

Kristi Livingstone??? Am I that dumb that I didn't realize you had a blog??

Those FHE bike rides are always fun. We just went for one last week. Good times.