Sunday, April 23, 2006

since April is almost over..

I thought I better take my April picture of Maggie! I am trying to do a picture each month, with a fun little prop that represents the month- I know she won't change monthly(like last year), but over the year there will be a big change- just something I had the hankering to do.
I got to go on a field trip with Jack's class on friday to the Telus World of Science-
used to be the Odyssium-
used to be the space science centre-
who can keep up?
Anyways, we got to see an IMAX movie ( I forgot how huge the screen is in there!) called Mystic India.
Amazing stuff- makes me want to travel the world.
Throughout the show I was wondering what was going through the grade 3 minds as they talked about the spiritual aspect of life there! so interesting.

well, I got tagged by Rebecca- I am not too sure what this entails, but I guess I state my stuff, then tag others, so here it goes:

in my fridge:
1. apples- a nightly ritual around here is cut up apples before bed

2. leftover pizza

3. ketchup- a must have!

4. milk- 1% and homo for Maggie!

5. leftover fruit pizza I snagged from a fireside tonight! Yum!

In my closet
1. jeans, lots of jeans, but only a few that fit well!

2. our tv- on the top shelf, we lay in bed and watch. that sounds really weird, but it isn't- I don't think

3. a small basket with socks that have no mates- I keep thinking they might show up one of these days!

4. my cowboy boots I bought in college, never wear, but can't bear to get rid of

5. my Sunday shoes , at least I try to put them away in there!

In my purse:
1. A notebook and pen, in case of any inspiration, or anything I have to write down so I won't forget.

2. a bag you fold up into a little pouch- so I will always have a bag with me, and which I most likely will forget I have it, and not use it.

3. wallet- with not much cash, if any.

4. no library card- I misplaced it about a month ago. I really should find that.

5. hand cream.

In my car
1. a couple of Sharon, Lois and Bram tapes

2. some tootsie roll pops, in case of sugar emergency

3. napkins- although there never seem to be any when you need them!

4. no garbage- my husband just cleaned them out, and I will be in big trouble if I make a mess!

5. my snap on sunglasses- good to have when driving!

On my DVR ( dvr- hmm, if I had one, which I don't)

1. Gilmore girls

2. Survivor

3. The Amazing Race

4. 30 minute meals

5. Clean Sweep

There you go. Now I think I am supposed to tag 5 others, but I don't think 5 people look at this blog, so I will tag one:
ShelleyYou're it!

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