Thursday, April 13, 2006

umm, maggie.. have some peas on your head!
what a silly girl!
I think they stayed on there through all of supper last night.
I missed her putting them up there.
what a nut!

we did the easter egg thing yesterday after school. fun stuff. I put the eggs on to boil in the morning, and managed to forget about them for a while- so a few of them were broken, but we still had lots to dye.
I get easily sidetracked.
Well, I need to start gathering stuff together for our trip down south tomorrow. should be good.
I need to find some coordinating clothes for our family photos.
Something without Pokemon for the boys would be good. I'll have to dig deep down into the drawers where the boring shirts are!
round up the plastic easter eggs, so we can do a little hunting.
such fun.
six hour drive.
Not so fun.
kids full of sugar for the ride home!
what are we thinking?
I'll just make sure I am full of sugar too!
It's all good.

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Anonymous said...

Carter Kept Touching the computer screen looking at the kid's pictures! It sounded like he was trying to say their names. Gorgeous pictures.