Thursday, April 20, 2006


I just had the best time-
in the shoe department
at Walmart!
MAggie is in need of shoes-
We even went there with her barefooted!
that's how desperate we were...
but I found shoes, and more shoes-
a cute little pair of Dr.Scholls runners-
the kind I usually walk right past because the price on them was $19.99.
$19.99 for a pair of baby running shoes?
do people really pay that?
anyways, I glanced-
price I paid-

are you ready-

can you believe it?

I didn't really know the original price until I came home and peeled off the 5 or so price tags to see what they originally cost.
I LOVE deals like that!
I bought another pair-same brand, more casual kind of shoes-regular $22.98, once again, a shocker.
I paid $3.00.
I bought 2!
I think we walked out of there with about 8 or 9 pair of shoes.
so much fun.

I am so glad last night was not an elimination round on the Amazing race. I am liking BJ and Tyler. they are fun.
that couple- is it Yolanda? Can't think of his name- they can go. what is with thier relationship. Makes me wonder how Cory and I would be in a situation like that. Hopefully still kind to each other. They are aware that millions are watching them act like jerks to each other,
aren't they?

okay, moving on- here are some pictures by the cute Rebecca Cooper-

loved them all.
I wish I didn't need sleep, and I could scrapbook all night long!
so very cute.


Shelley said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are stinking cute! I want a copy of every single one! Love them!!!

Andrea said...

So cute!!! Wow! I never would have thought to take photos like that- sp cool!!! And I'm now tempted to go shoe shopping.