Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the latest..

well, the snow is quickly melting.
My Christmas wreath is dying.
I finally got the book- the Kite Runner from the library- I had put a request in a while ago- I think I was 25th in line. I only have 2 weeks to read it- so I need to get busy.
I am trying to hook up again with the flylady thing- not signing up though- I don't want the million emails, but just keeping up with the zones. I need to do some of that deep cleaning around here- maybe it's spring getting to me- spring cleaning and all.
My oven is clean- even my stove top. Makes me happy to look at it today. I cleaned out the burner pans yesterday. they were pretty yucky. today I did the fridge. Feels good.
Not much exciting around here!
I can hardly wait for easter- to go down to Stirling. We are getting pictures taken by Rebecca Cooper! I am so excited to meet her, and see what great pictures come out of it!
young women activity tonight. I hope to get my girls to map out the kitchen, and label what is in all the cabinets, so my dad (who works for the FM group) can get labels made for all the cabinets! I know that I always open at least 3 doors before I find what I need, so this should solve all that! Hurray! so much fun around here!

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Andrea said...

How was the kitchen cleaning? I also need to do some spring cleaning at home. Looks like you'll have some great pictures at Easter!! Can't wait to see them.
Hope the big coat is doing well at your house. ha ha