Monday, April 24, 2006

the year so far, in photos,,,

For fun I thought I would show my past photo's of Maggie- the one with the pink hat is in January, the heart, February, the green outfit March, and the bunny ears in the last post is April.
kind of fun!
Also my latest layout of the Rebecca Cooper photo's.
still loving them, and scrapping some more, hopefully tonight!
I stopped by liquidation world, and found a fabulous deal!
the bunnies that come four in a pack, like a chocolate bar- some are dairymilk chocolate, and others have the caramilk filling- regular price $.45- on sale for 75% off-
worked out to be about $.11 each. I stocked up!
so yummy.
I just love chocolate!
alright, gotta go read a story to the boys so they will go to bed!


Andrea said...

So cute!! What a cute idea for a cute girl. Love the photo of you and the hottie. hee hee. Wanna come scrapbook for me?
Love those chocolate easter deals!!!

Shelley said...

VERY Cute! I can't wait to see her in person. Cute cute. I love her little tongue! And fabulous scrapbook pages as usual.