Monday, October 09, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

I had the opportunity today to take some photos for a great family. they have three kids of their own, and 4 foster kids. wowsers. they were so funny. I was laughing many times. boys. wow. super fun to do this. I just really need to get going with photoshop so I can add some wow to the pictures instead of just turning them black and white!
then I got to take pictures of my sister and her cute family. so fun. such sweet little girls. here's a sneak peak Andrea, but there are some cute ones! love it.
so, since it is thanksgiving, and all, I think I will give the lowdown on what I am thankful for.
I am thankful that Cory is out working in the garage- right now, actually, because when he is done in the garage, he will get going on the basement!
I am thankful for my family- that we live so close to my parents,
and that they feed us so often.
I am thankful for my sisters, and the friendship that we have.
I love that when we all meet for dinners at my moms, we all have our baskets full of stuff to give to each other, to pass on, or share. so fun.
I am thankful for the church, for the gospel, for the scriptures-
that I get to teach the Doctrine and Covenants in seminary- there are so many great things in there that are good for the soul.
I am thankful for my kids.
they are a handful- I mean really, there are 5 of them,
but they are good kids.
I am thankful for my mom and dad who are going to watch my kids from Thursday to Saturday, so I can go to Calgary with Cory on a "business" trip! so fun to do my own thing for a day or two!
okay, I could go on and on,but I will stop, and go read in my bed-
oh, I am very thankful for the flannel sheets I finally bought and put on there last week. soooo nice and cozy.
oh, and chocolate..
and scrapbooking..
okay, I am off!


andrea said...

cute. can't wait to see them all. hope you get some "business" done on your trip. hee hee

Kim said...

cute pics! can't wait to see more!