Thursday, October 05, 2006

last night

last night-
so Cory has meetings,
and Wednesday is bath night-
so somehow we ended up with the three littlest
in the tub together.
that was chaos.
flooded floor
the shower curtain even got pulled down,
rod and all,
luckily it fell on the floor, not in the tub.
all is well-
got the floor wiped up, and rod back where it should be.

so while I am in there cleaning all this up,
I hear noises.
lots of happy noises coming from the girls room
so I go peek in
and all the kids were on Sadies bed under a blanket playing.
I can't remember the last time
all 5 of my kids
played together-
the same thing,
it was so nice!
I wanted to take a picture, but it would have been a blob under a blanket,
and I think that is a happy memory I just need to keep
in my mind and my heart.

This morning the boys were asking Maggie
if she remembered the party under the blanket.
too cute.

then I proceeded to tell them,
20 times to brush their teeth,
make their lunches,
put on their sweaters..
like they don't do that every day,
and need me to tell them this
so many times!
I don't get it.
maybe tomorrow I won't say anything,
and see how it goes.


Kelly McCaleb said...

your etsy shop is so cute! love those aprons and that hat is DARLING! i have been meaning to get an etsy shop going forever. you made me decide the time is now! thanks ;) have you gotten the treaties i sent??

jessica said...

That is so adorable, them just playin!!! I love the photos, you need to teach me lots too! I want to learn photoshop better as well. I'm still looking into taking a class. I just want to be able to take great pictures, not be a photographer just yet, maybe someday. for now, just pretty pictures. well done Kristi!