Friday, October 20, 2006

so cute...

so I made this little hat for Sadie-
I just love it.
had her wear it to school a few days ago.
then today, on our way to get to school,
i asked if she was going to wear her hat.
she in all seriousness told me that some moms were looking at her and told her how pretty she was, so she didn't want to wear it.
she didn't want people to tell her she was pretty.

I love that girl.


Shelley said...

That's hilarious! I wish I had her problems! Cute hat, maybe you should make me one and then I would have that problem... oh wait, I would have to have cute blond curly hair and a cute voice and be tiny and cute and SADIE!

andrea said...

Ya... i too hate when people tell me I'm pretty. ha ha. cute hat and cute girl. how funny.
i need to get some hats for my girls

jessica said...

that is really funny. too cute. love the hat!