Monday, October 16, 2006


so, I was looking at some blogs
and thinking-
sheesh, she (someone who's blog I was looking at)
hasn't updated her blog since thanksgiving.
haven't updated mine either
so easy to be critical of others.
need to work on that.

Jack still doesn't know what he wants to be for Halloween
he has a piano party on Friday
they are supposed to wear costumes.
could be good.

Sadie had a meltdown on the way to kindergarten
I think it was because we were late.
she did not want to go,
and cried
and cried.
finally the teacher took her and I left.
boy, reminds me of leaving the kids at nursery.
some of my kids, anyways.
most of them have done quite well.
the teacher hasn't called me to come get her,
so I guess she is doing better.
so strange.

what else is happening?
we woke up to snow this morning.
those boys were out the door so fast-
and I actually knew exactly where the mittens
and boots were, and they all had boots that fit.

tried to upload a photo, but apparently blogger won't allow that today, so I should get going on the laundry! fun, fun!!

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