Monday, October 02, 2006

this is my sweet sister-in-law-
well, her legs
and her family's legs,
and their cute little guy,
who is so very smily!

this is my sweet neice Jessica.
she let me play a bit with my camera and her
this was a shot that I really liked.
she would be embarrassed if she knew it was here
but I think it is great,
and she is cute
and I can't believe she is 14.
where has time gone.

I figured out a bit more about my photoshop
I have a photo shoot booked for Wednesday.
I think I am a bit on my way to being a photographer.
but the more I get into it,
the more I know
that I don't know.
there is so much to learn.
but I think I am ready to learn,
and do,
and have fun with it!

check out my Etsy shop!
adding some more aprons to it.
fun stuff.

1 comment:

andrea said...

Great photos. can't believe she's so grown up. can't wait for MY family photo shoot!!!