Thursday, October 19, 2006

A special day..

for someone in our house!!
It's his birthday!
so very old.
he will always be older than me,
which is good.
he wanted pumpkin pie,
but I made him an ice cream cake.
I think it will be yummy.
and he wanted meatloaf for his birthday dinner.
that's what I said!
but that's what he shall get.
you only turn 35 once!

sorry, that is kind of a funny picture-
but I was looking for a while for a picture of him.
I might have to do a birthday photo shoot!
-but I doubt he will go for it.


andrea said...

happy birthday. hope he enjoyed his meatloaf, and atleast got some b-day kisses

jessica said...

Happy Birthday Cory!!!
You're still young at heart!