Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's someone's birthday today!!

just a hint!
okay, okay, it's me.
yep- 33.
feeling a bit old.
but still young.

had to run to Walmart to get some icing sugar
so I can ice my cake.
made myself a cake.
cherry chip.

got a birthday card in the mail-
perfect timing Aunt Donna Fay!
such a cute card.

I bought a huge ball of purple yarn
so I can make a ton of pretty hats,
so a whole lot of little girls can be pretty!

I am off to make some icing!

happy birthday to me!


jessica said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!!! One month before mine exactly. That's how I remember!
Have a wonderful day. I'm so glad you made yourself a cake. Enjoy it!
love ya!

andrea said...

Hope you had a great birthday and a good cake and pizza (if that's what was brought home). You're getting so old and mature. lol. Enjoy your year and may all your bday wishes come true

Kim said...

Happy birthday! I do work some of the crop nights, but usually only one a month. We should try and set up a time to scrap together. That would be fun!

rebecca said...


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!!!