Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

what a weekend! started on Friday night, with a girls night- just my sisters at my moms- no kids. we worked on our own projects, watched some Facts of Life, and had a good time. - Friday afternoon Maggie had her first haircut. cut a bunch of the mullet off. still cute! gotta let that top catch up to the back!
I also got my hair cut short. fun stuff! Saturday I worked on a baby quilt that has been lying around here for a while. hopefully today I can finish the binding, and I'll show you all. it is pretty cute!

Sunday night, in my mom's town they did some fireworks. if you look hard you can see Jed standing there watching. the snow there was so deep, and the kids could walk on top, but every once in a while they would fall in. so funny.
okay, I need to go clean my room. clean it so clean! and It WILL STAY CLEAN! resolution! then the girls room. then , I am going to exercise and eat healthy! I have a pair of jeans I have been holding on to that I am going to fit in! soon. but first I must deplete my supply of chocolate. then no more. really. okay, maybe just in smaller amounts. hmm. off to clean.

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