Tuesday, February 06, 2007

important meeting

not really.
I have a little girl here that I am babysitting,
and her mom called,
I missed her call because I was, ahem, down on the computer,
and didn't hear the phone.
but I called her back,
and she was in a meeting.
that got me thinking.
a meeting
with adults
talking about important things.
not things like polly pockets,
and fighting with your brothers.
it's a whole different world than from where I am at right now.
and I guess that is okay.
I miss it, a bit.
not that I really had that.
summer jobs as a student.
and working at a crazy furniture place- they made stuff for motorhomes, and I got to use a spray gun and sprayed glue on foam, and fabric to the foam. good times! I would come home and get in moods where I would laugh histerically. we blamed it on the glue.
and that is the extent of my working life,
so I guess I really don't know what I am missing,
I just imagine, and in my mind it is probably way better than reality.
really, being home is great.
tv- even if it is kid shows all morning.
soaps all afternoon.
kidding. I am more into the cooking shows. ha ha.
naps if I want.
cleaning here and there.
that is the life!


63019863 said...

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Kayli said...

It really is the life. It's just that there are days when it's harder to remember that than others. WHAT a sweet picture of your girls. Beautiful and cute.