Friday, February 09, 2007

not much..


just switched to the google thingy with blogger.

I really don't like technology that is confusing-

which it all is to me.

sad, but true.

well, I survived my two days of babysitting.

did get that table cleared.

I guess at her house they must clear it right after the meal,

and not let the food and dishes sit out all day.

ha ha.

two days of no school for the kids.


I like school.

it is a good thing.

we have a long weekend next weekend too,

but some family members are coming to play.

yay, can't wait.

I think I will go sit in front of the tv for a while, and try to scrap a few pages.

have a day of seminary conference tomorrow. should be fun.

at least they always have good food!


Kayli said...

Yay for that is sooo cute. I saw it on 2peas already. I need to scrap more like you...cute and simple...maybe I could get more done. I was going to get some pages done tonight because Brett took Jethro on a father/son campout and so I could stay up a litte later. Instead I watched "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and cried and didn't even get the laundry folded that was the point of turning on the movie. Ruff.
My dishes don't get cleared off immediately either. If it's not immediately before the next meal I feel pretty good. ;)

Kim said...

Cute layout! Funny about the babysitting boy comment! hehe! I'm more like you, but I guess I should be more like his mom and get those dishes cleared!!!