Monday, February 26, 2007

the weekend.

fabulous, as usual.
really, nothing exciting, yet.
someday, maybe.
but not today.
another pic of sweet Lydia.
she came to my house to hang out for a bit on Saturday, so of course, had to take a few pictures.

this is a shot from the aviation museum field trip on Tuesday. Ben coming out from the one plane you could go in. only 5 people at a time, and only one person on the steps at a time. scary stuff. the group of kids I was with couldn't get enough of this plane. funny kids. that place was something though. all run by vollunteers, and they do all the restoring and stuff. tons of work. cool stuff.
and the cake I made for Sunday dinner at mom's for my sweet sister Andrea's
birthday. I think I need to work on getting the icing smoother, but boy, did it taste good. chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding between the layers, and some yummy cream cheese icing. so delish.
in fact, I have been eating some of the left over icing on graham crackers, so good.
so, this morning I had to go to downtown edmonton, to the dentists to pick up my night guard they made for me, and when we got there, it wasn't there yet, so we had to hang around for about 1/2 hour or so, till it showed up. no biggy, the girls played good.
so funny , when I went in and was in the dentist chair, Maggie just layed on my lap and didn't move. too cute.
so anyways, as an apology for me having to wait so long, they gave me 2 free movie passes. nice.
we don't go to alot of movies, but now we will have to wait for one we want to see!- that is usually the case- none out there that are worth the $$ and the $$ for a babysitter. know what i mean?
So, Cory bought a Harmonica just over a week ago. you should hear him now. pretty cool, no? no. but he thinks it is fun.
so on Saturday he went to winners to get some new shirts for work, and comes home with no shirts, but a guitar. hmmm. I think he had better stop shopping.
or we will have to build a music room.
funny man.


Andrea said...

that's hilarious that Cory keeps buying instruments. Too funny. keep that guy at home. lucky for the movie tickets. perhaps he can be my new dentist. And yummy cake! loved it.

Shelley said...

Tell him to stop making music and finish your basement. What a nut! The cake is soo cute. I love it lots. I am impressed with the A. I am not so good at letters. Wish I could have tasted it.