Wednesday, February 07, 2007


here is where I am at right now-
and it's not such a good place.

one boy pulls out a bag of the white oreos out of the food storage closet,
asks if he can take some in his lunch,
pulls the package out- which by the way, shouldn't be open yet.
13 are gone!
yes, I counted.
I asked,
and nobody did it.
does that happen in anyone elses house?
'cause it happens here, alot.
freak. the white kind. I love those.

then, one boy decides he needs to be home sick.

then the babysittee comes to me, when I am working so hard to clean up Sadies bedroom, that is in a constant state of post hurricane disaster mess, and doing a great job, making some progress, I might add, anyways,
sweet little thing comes to me and says- you might want to clear the table.

um, what?
yah, so my mature adult self says to her-
I might not want to .

yah, so that is where I am at today.
I think I need chocolate.
and lots of it.

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