Thursday, February 22, 2007

nothing much..

not to much going on here.
nothing exciting, anyways.
another pic of the babe.
I hope to go visit this next week and take some more pictures. too fun.
Ben has a little junior high open house tonight. wow. junior high. crazy stuff.
he can't be that old.
I'm not old enough to have a kid that old.
crazy, indeed.
went on an all day field trip with the grade sixers to the aviation museum on tuesday. that was an experience. so funny how at that stage in life some are so mature looking, and some look like they could be in grade 3. it was a trip. and I learned all about airplanes to boot. how they turn and slow down and great stuff like that. love those school buses. love them.
cooking some cheesy scalloped potatoes, as I write this. soooo yummy. too bad I started them so late, and they are supposed to cook for 2 hours. late supper tonight. but it will so be worth it. mmmm.
my house is a mess. a real disaster.
and I have zero desire to do anything about it.
I did actually have a burst of cleaning power hit me, and I cleaned up the dining room, and even mopped the floor. then I was done. so done.
I guess that is all. hope to get some excitement in my life soon, so I will have lots to share, but I won't make any promises.


Andrea said...

cute photo. crazy that ben is so old. you're getting old. hee hee. i'll have to come over in my free time and have an organizing/ cleaning frenzy. good times.

jessica said...

your cheesy scalloped potatoes sound good right now, even though i don't like scallaped potatoes!
cute pics!

Shelley said...

That scares me that Ben is totally the same age as my students. YOWZA! Love the pictures of the babe. So cute.