Sunday, February 04, 2007

true to my word..

I pulled out a project that has been tucked away for a long time.
my redwork snowman quilt.
man, I must have stitched them up a good 4 (?) or more years ago. then a few years ago had the great idea to make a quilt, started it, but didn't get far. well, this weekend this is what I did!

it is all sewed up. I need to piece a bit for the back, then I will pin it up and quilt it! then another project will be done! yay.
one of many.
but it is a step, right.

the patterns are from the Buttermilk Basin. don't go if you like stitching.
you will be hooked.
so very cute. love a lot of them. some of them are a bit too rustic- is that the word I am wanting? for me, but I like alot of them.
but that will be another project for another day.


Kayli said...

Ooooh...that is SOOO cute!! Love it! Way to go finishing it!

So, I have to tell you that I don't even have photoshop, although I'd love it. What I do have is called Picasa, which you can download for free at and it's really easy to do the collages, you just click the pictures you want and click 'make collage.' The border is a different collage option.

Thanks for the compliment on my feet/hands REALLY makes me happy to hear that they look pro! :) :) :) (I used the soft focus effect on them in Picasa, so I'm not really pro--of course.)

Shelley said...

Ummm.. yah! Super cute. Sheesh. Now I want to work on mine. At least you have gotten that far. I have done maybe 2. I really like it. Love it!

Kim said...

Cute quilt! Good for you for working on an 'old' project. I have so many of those!