Tuesday, April 03, 2007


looking out my window,
I would think hmmm-
November, February maybe
nope, it's April. and there is snow,
and slippery roads
and they say highway travel is not recommended.
crazy stuff.

so, on Sunday, we were talking about sushi-
asking the kids what it was made of,
if they wanted some-
Ben started freaking out- he really dind't want to have to eat sushi ( he is really quite picky) then I pulled out these beauties,
and the protests continued, till Jack looked closer and realized it was rice krispies, fruit by the foot and gummy worms. haha. april fools day!
thanks Shelley! then the kids just couldn't get enough of them. they were really quite good!

then, since this weekend was general conference, I had the time to sit and finish a few things-
a little sweater for my new nephew Kai,
a scarf for my niece,
and all the while being inspired to be a better person by the leaders of the church!
what a weekend.


Andrea said...

I'd like some of that sushi please. heehee. Cute things you knitted! Love them. When can I expect my sweater??
Happy snow day.

jessica said...

you creative girl!

kaylani said...

That sweater turned out so cute for Kai!! I can't wait to put it on him! I am definitely going to try the "sushi" Where do you come up with these ideas?

Kayli said...

That sushi idea was sensational! Way funny. Now I've read on two blogs people doing fun things for their kids April Fools Day. I'll have to make a note for next year.
I love the sweater too.
At the moment, I'm glad I'm not living in Canada. I also talked to my sister Amy today who lives in Arizona and she said that yesterday was the first day it was a real inferno. I guess I'll take rainy Indiana. :)

Kami said...

That sushi is awesome!! I like the real stuff though!