Monday, April 09, 2007

a challenge, a picture, a happy easter.

these pictures,
yep, I am embarrassed by them.
that my house could be in such a sad state.
like at the beginning of clean sweep,
i always wonder how people can live like that-
well, here it is, my bedroom.
but, it is going to change this month. I am joining a challenge-
to organize this room.
all thanks to the organizing junkie!

this room will be tranformed into the bedroom of my dreams.
well, probably not, but hopefully it will be clean.
I mean, yes, it will be clean.
I must add- it isn't always this bad.
a lot of it is due to the basement renovations,
but that will take a while, so I might as well deal with this now, as live like this for a few months.
right? right.
I will do it!

the weather this weekend was crazy.
we had snow the whole way driving down south.
Friday was cold. cold cold, very cold. so, pictures that were scheduled for that day did not happen. well, I did happen to take a bunch of two super cute girls, here's one of them.

for our family pictures we decided to see what Saturday was going to be like, and it was warmer, but still a cold wind. and an uncooperative husband. yes, you Cory. you know it!
then, wouldn't you know it,
sunday was gorgeous. kids played outside all afternoon with no sweaters, a few with no shoes. warm. like it should be. yep. then we went home.
I was sad not to get our family pictures done, but we will, oh yes, we will.

we had a easter egg hunt in the school in stirling. Maggie was so funny. she only found a few eggs, then just sat and ate all the goodies from inside. as happy as could be. love it.

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org junkie said...

Hi there! You can totally do this. Develop a plan including how much time you can devote to it each day. Set a daily goal based on how much time you have left. Remove, sort and purge!
Best of luck to you and don't hesitate to email me if I can be of any help!