Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday thirteen

I was just reading on someones blog that did a thursday thirteen every thursday- 13 things. I thought that was a good idea.
1. walking into my room makes me happy.
it is almost all clean. I tied up the sleeping bags that were in a huge pile, I even vacuumed- sadly, it has been a while, and now it makes me smile.

2. I am buying paint for that room on Saturday, and hopefully can paint next week. spring ever coming? it snowed last night and this morning. really, snow. the whole glbal warming thing? I am not feeling it.

4. I love cupcakes. love them.

5.making some hamburger soup for supper tonight. need some warm comfort food for a day like today.

6. as the mom dropped her daughter off at our house to be babysat today, the tv was on to clifford, and she said that she wished she could be home and watch clifford, and I smiled, and was glad that I got to be home and could watch clifford, if I so chose, which I didn't because that is when I was vacuuming. but the fact that I could have, was nice.

7.I scrapbooked one page on Saturday. wow, it has been a while. all my stuff is tucked deep in the depths of the boys closet, and doesn't come out much, but I am planning in my head a layout for the goodie box! must get busy!

8. hoping to make some banana cupcakes for the kids for afterschool. yum. I love cupcakes.- oh, wait, that was #4.

9. Ben is going on his first scout camp this Friday. hope it warms up. man, he is growing up too fast. had to fill in his choices for options for Junior high. he didn't want band. hmm. art was his first choice. not a surprise.

10. Jack hates piano. he was the one who wanted to take lessons, and after I told him over and over he would have to practice every day, and he agreed time and time again that he would, now he hates it. he says after his last lesson he is never touching the piano again. I bet he is the one who will play it the most all summer.

11.I could really use a nap.

12. etsy. oh, etsy. everytime I try to get in to my shop to change things up, maybe add an item or two, it won't let me. I don't know if that is because my time has expired, but I think they would let me know. I am so not a computer person, and cannot figure out these things. I think it is a great thing, that etsy. I just wish I could harness all the goodness, and sell something!

13. wow, coming up with 13 things was kind of hard. but good. I might have to keep that up!

off to make some soup and cupcakes, and if I have enough time, have a nap!


Andrea said...

So fun to read. Hope you got your nap. I sure could use one. Ya, glad to stay home and watch clifford and deal with cranky fighting children who should be napping but aren't. Good times. hamburger soup sounds yummy, as do cupcakes.
So happy you got some room cleaned up. Still working on mine.

Shelley said...

WHAT!!! His first choice wasn't Home Ec. How Rude! You make me want a cupcake- real bad! Fun 13!!

jessica said...

cute idea. i should try it.