Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, monday

so good to me.
actually, not such a good day,
but not that bad either.

that van- that crazy van, wouldn't start. yuck. Cory vowed he would take it in on Friday. yay.

had to do a swatch of the paint colors, sorry that one is sideways, meant to fix that, but forgot,
that is the paint color the ensuite bathroom will be- it is called sea drops

then the bedroom, a shade darker, woodland mystery.
sounds nice!
who comes up with these names?
I would not be good at that.
I will have to take pictures when it is done- this week! the challenge is coming to an end, must get busy!

a friend of mine has a photography business, and 4 boys, and needed some girls to come and try out her new backdrop and dresses, so we agreed to it, and just got the pictures today. pretty nice! got a few smaller ones that I have scrapbooked some, and one for the grandmas!
If I can get Cory to get my scanner working I will scan those in tonight!
I am so not computer, (or any techonology for that matter), smart. I would like to learn more, someday.


Kristi said...

Love the pictures of your girls. I need to contact my friend and do that type of pose with my girls.

jessica said...

i love the paint! i can't wait to be able to live somewhere where i can paint. i love decorating. great picture of the girls. so cute ;)

Kayli said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to see more of those pictures. They are way cute! Your girls are perfect for that angel look! Thanks for posting the one for now.
Your swatches look fun--this is for your room? Or the basement walls? You sound just like me...anything requiring the least amount of fixing or hooking up or anything like that on the computer and I must wait for Brett to do it. Oh well. I married the right guy. Have a good day.