Tuesday, April 17, 2007

this week

-warmer weather
-bag of hand me downs- love it!
-time at the park
funnily, I found a fabulous place to take pictures, that I have walked past who knows how many times and never even knew it was there!

my house is in such a state - I just don't know where to start, so I usually choose not to start! ha ha.
how is the bedroom coming, you may ask?
very slowly.
I just need to spend a bunch of time in there, and get it done. I usually just pick up a few things, put them away, then move on.
must focus!
the van is starting now, thank goodness! we really should get a professional to look at it! but in the mean time, I am going to always have a stroller in the back in case of having to walk across town again. would be much easier with little Maggie in a stroller.
okay, 15 minutes in the bedroom, now! really!


Andrea said...

Ya, good idea to have a stroller in the van. I'll have to do that too. Cute photos. Maybe we'll have to come for another shoot.

jill said...

Nice room, i will have to see it in person...I bet Cory is pretty happy!Maybe we can work on my room next!?!
love your guts Jill