Friday, April 13, 2007

a warning, a complaint, and a cute baby

first the warning.
these are dangerous.
dangerously delicious.
in my opinion.
I will not be held responsible for weight gained from eating them- I think what is gone from this pan- I ate - no, actually I put some in the freezer and ate them the next day.
that good.
so I will share the recipe. because they are so good.

Eatmore bars- got it from a Sobeys flyer, so they tell you you have to use their brand stuff, but I will just give you the basics, and you can use whatever brand of stuff you like!
3/4 c honey
1c peanut butter
1 c chocolate chips
4 c crispy rice cereal
10 large marshmallows.
melt honey and peanut butter on stove top or in microwave. bring to a boil. remove from heat and add chocolate chips and marshmallows until melted. add rice cereal. pat firmly into 9x9 inch pan. cut into squares and enjoy,
- but make sure you share them. soooooo good.

a cute baby. isn't he sweet.
I am loving taking pictures lately, but realizing that I have so much to learn about my camera and lighting, and how to do things right.
but it is fun.

now for my complaint.
went to do a bunch of running around this morning. groceries, sending off some pictures- to you Heather, if you read this- they are on their way! my last stop was the post office and library, which are right behind each other.
in and out, had to hurry. just enough time to get home to the boys and have lunch.
dumb van would not start.
I just filled it up with gas- in all my running around.
and here it wouldn't start for me.
how rude. so I call on my handy cell phone for Cory. he's not at work, he's not at home. where is the man when I need him?
I call the school- kids are already gone home.
no key at the house, doors are locked.
must get a key hidden for the boys for occasions such as this.
so,, Jack called me from the school to see what was going on, and he said it was okay, they would just eat at the school. a mercy lunch from the supplies the principle has on hand for occasions such as this.
the sad thing is this is the second time- you might recall a previous post on me not being here for lunch time. that time was my fault, this time, not my fault at all.
so me and the girls walked all across town to get home just in time to get Sadie a sandwich and get her to school on time. crazy stuff. my feet hurt. should have worn my walking shoes.
I am just hoping cory will check his messages at work, or show up at home soon so I can get the groceries out of the back of the van!
and I think we need to get it a little tune up. this is rediculous!


Andrea said...

So sad about your van issues. I love our van. No problems. well..except for the big dent and a leaky tire. But otherwise great.
Cute baby photo. And those look good, so I better not make them.

Kayli said...

Mmmm, those DO sound good. Look even better. Will they taste as good as they look? Better try it.

Your baby picture is super. I feel the same way about photography. So fun. So much I don't know.

Hmm, I hope you didn't have icecream in the van...