Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm back...

did you miss me? You didn't even know I was gone , did you?
I got to tag along with Cory on a trip to Calgary!! yay.
I took Maggie too, but the other 4 got to sleep over at grandma's- thanks a million, mom!
I went to Strathmore and visited my good friend Roslyn, that I haven't seen in ages, it was so fun to see her again- with her three little boys- been there, done that!
then I kept heading out on that highway and visited with my sister in law Joanne- it was fun seeing her, and her fam.
But I am back- back to tons of laundry- thanks in part to the many stops at value village- had so much fun there too!
so nice to have a little break away from it all.
Sadie had a little tea party with a few of her stuffies, as they are known now- who knew! It was too cute, had to snap a few pictures,
and Jack with a snowman- the first one the kids have made this year, and probably the last- the snow is starting to melt now!
Have to share- had the best supper tonight- I saw Rachel Ray make it on her 30 minute meal show, and I wanted to try it- loved it!
It's called mexican lasagne-
take some hamburger, cook it, add some black beans, some corn, I think she used frozen, I used a can, and it was good- add some salsa to make it saucy
put half of that in a pan, layer 4 flour tortillas cut in half on top, put remaining meat stuff on, the other halves of the 4 tortillas, some cheese, bake until it is warm and whala! delish. I ate mine with tomatoes, green onions and sour cream. yum.
my kids weren't too keen, but they ate it. I think it was the beans.
I am not a bean fan myself, but this was so good. I think I am sold on black beans! can hardly taste them.
There you go! try it. you will love it, I hope!
Happy Wednesday!!

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Shelley said...

I am glad you are back!!! Cute pictures! And yummy sounding dinner. I will have to try it!