Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snow, and more snow

well, the weatherman predicts that this is it- the 25 cm today, then no more. I don't know if I believe it. It has snowed alllllll day long.
The kids and Cory went out to shovel before lunch.
Cory is out there again before supper.
So crazy.
The primary party was cancelled this morning due to weather.
See Shelley- things shut down here too!!!

I did go to extra foods, and had a very hard time pushing my cart back to my car because of all the snow.
Sadie was sitting in it too- I suggested she get out and push, I said it was hard work, she agreed, it was hard work being pushed in that bumpy cart too.
A lady passing by helped me push. I love people who do those random acts of kindness kind of things. So nice. I try to do them when occasion arises, and always feel good about helping others out.

So, I finally went to go see my new neice yesterday. She is a little doll. See photo. okay, I am having serious trouble uploading pictures today- but hopefully soon! She was so very expressive. Hard to get a picture of her without a furrowed brow and a look of concern for this crazy world!

On a sad note- The I heart snow hat is gone. The dorky one with the big pompom- refer to earlier post.
Jack wore it to the Edmonton rush game last night, and left it at the stadium. Along with his mittens, and Cory left his gloves too.
I will miss the mittens.
the hat- not so much.
Cory and I were discussing all the things that must be left behind at those kind of events and what happens to them.
He is hoping they get donated to charity- he hopes someone can love the I heart snow hat as much as he did.
I think they just sweep them up into a big bin and toss them. sad, but easy to do when you are cleaning up a big place.
hmm. something to think about.

our ward is having a pot luck tomorrow. That led to an interesting conversation at ward council. Someone brought up the point of signing up for main course/salad/dessert. Apparently that is not a REAL pot luck. Who knew? Not me!
A real pot luck is when you bring what you would be eating at home- and you all just share your meal.
Now I know.
I guess I was living in ignorance, but now I see the light.
So I guess I will be making a main dish, a dessert, and a salad (because that is what we usually eat around here for Sunday lunch :)!!!)

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Andrea said...

you gotta love the snow! You were brave to go out shopping. I tried and got stuck, so Matt went instead. Enjoy your potluck!