Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday is a special day...

actually, it wasn't that special today...

more snow- will it ever end?

a trip to the eye doctors- yay, I have a new prescription, I get to go glasses shopping. I have had the ones I wear now for about 4 years, I am ready for a change!

went to a "garage sale" in someone's basement- got there too late in the day, missed all the good stuff- did manage to spend $4- nothing special there.

Had the missionaries over for supper- Sadie is so funny with this set- she won't come and eat with them- she did come out at the end of dinner and sat at the table- major breakthrough. She says she doesn't like the blond one. Interesting.

Saturday night baths- took some pictures of Maggie- this one cracks me up.

read a bed time story to Sadie- in her newly painted, freshly cleaned bedroom. Here is hoping it stays that way for more than a day. We took a lot of toys and stuff out of it, so it should be better.

I decorated 2 birthday cakes to take to my mom's for dinner tomorrow night. We will be celebrating Maggie's birthday that is on Monday.
I can't believe she will be one. It has flown by. The cakes aren't quite as cute as I imagined. but I think they will be delicious, and isn't that the most important thing?? It has been many weeks since we have been out there for what used to be a weekly thing. I miss it- hanging out with my family. Tomorrow should be great!

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