Monday, March 20, 2006

and here they are...

The pictures I tried I don't know how many times to download on Saturday, to no avail- but it finally worked tonight...
My new little neice, Kirsten- so little.
I don't think mine were ever that small- pretty close, but I really can't remember them being so tiny.

And a picture of one of the times the boys were out shovelling. So crazy all the snow that fell.
I look out my kitchen window and see my garage door, with the live wreath my aunt sent for Christmas hanging on it, ( I didn't want to pack it away, or throw it away, and the garage is kind of hidden- I am trying to explain myself, basically I am a nut, and I have a Christmas wreath hanging up still) anyways, it looks like it belongs now with all the snow. That is my point, and I'm sticking to it!

So, I am trying to sew easter dresses for the girls-I finished Maggies today, and it is down to the floor on her. So funny- so I guess I am not finished. I need to shorten it a lot.
The elastic has gone AWOL, so I need to do a thorough search of the house, and find that little bit of elastic, so I can finish the sleeves on Sadie's dress. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow. I guess I have a bit of cleaning to do around here.


Andrea said...

Very cute photo! Can't wait for my kids photo session. And your not a nut for keeping up the wreath. Mine would still be up if it hadn't died.

Shelley said...

Wowzers! That is a lot of snow... I wish! there is talk of snow for today but it isn't supposed to start until noon... but I was praying last night that it would come in the night so we could have a snow day. No such luck. They are saying it won't be anything bad because the roads are too warm! There are lots of flowers and blossoms on the trees so it could be sad to see them all die! I just want another snow day! Sheesh. And if I had a wreath, mine might still be up too!!