Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Snow and more snow

well, you would never know it was March around here. Crazy Canada. It started snowing after we got up this morning and came down steady until noon. Tons of big fluffy snow.. I went out and shovelled 3 different times, at different spots of our immense driveway. It is such a big driveway, especially when it is covered in snow!
It had to be at least 6 inches of snow!
So, I was just out shovelling, again, and my neighbor came over and said that her husband would snowplow it all for us!
So very kind.
Cory is lucky he is in Calgary today.
Wish I was with him.
doing some thrift store shopping,
checking out the old Calgary stores I loved,
but I am here...
More babysitting today, and tonight. Emma woke up twice last night, and one time cried for about 45 minutes. So much fun.
Anyways, just a bit of my life today.
Cory's sister Shari had a baby girl yesterday morning. her name is Kirsten. I hope to go see her on Friday and maybe take some cute baby pictures!

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Shelley said...

Send some this way!!! I need another snow day! Or else you can just come visit and enjoy the lack of snow here!! Have fun!