Thursday, March 09, 2006

Guilty as charged.

I am feeling very guilty. I was a bad mother yesterday.
a very bad mother.. I completely forgot about Jeds gymnastic class until it was already an hour into it! So horrible. He loves gymnastics. I can't believe he forgot about it. Usually he comes home from school asking if it's time to go yet. He didn't do that yesterday and we both forgot. He was a sad boy when he found out.
So today- I vow not to forget anything.
soon I need to take Sadie over to the school to check out the kindergarten class. Chould be fun. then at 1:00 Ben is singing in the school choir at a music festival. Can not forget that. Also have to drive the carpool to playschool today. It would not do to miss that! Missionaries for dinner, and dentist appointments for all the kids at 5:30. I can do it, I can do it! Here I go- I will not forget anything today!!!! (I hope)

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