Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh boy.

I had a bad night last night
a BAD night.
took things much too personally
and seriously.
they are serious
and personal
but really.
I was told I am a bad teacher.
I know I am a bad teacher.
there is a reason I am not a teacher at school
and I don't homeschool.
I am a bad teacher.
I teach seminary.
I was asked by my church leaders to do it.
it is a calling.
I cannot- will not- say no to a calling.
so, hence, I am a bad seminary teacher,
but I do it,
I try.
and yesterday a student told me I am a bad teacher and I offend people and she isn't coming back.
I went through a million emotions last night.
all involving tears.
who is she to tell me this.
putting her down in my mind to help me feel better,
and on and on.
came home and ran on the treadmill for 10 min.
it felt good.
but I was still crazy over it.
so anyways
a happy picture.
I will try to be happy
try to be a good teacher.
I always bring food-
what's better than that?


Anonymous said...

Kristi, I just happened to read your post today, I am so sorry. Doesn't it just stink that we must encounter people like this? I call them a little devil in disguise. She said something to you to make yourself doubt your abilities. But you are absolutly right, the Lord called you to this position, he obviously knows you can handle it and inspire others. Don't let her comment get you down, I know you are a person who looks for help and inspiration from a higher being. Someone needs to get that girl a copy of Elder Bednars last conference talk. Hope you have a better day. Your old roomy, Taryn

Andrea said...

you're not a bad teacher...especially if you bring food! youth are punks. hang in there. don't let her bug you. you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristi,

I read your blog occasionally (found it via 2peas). I just had a discussion with my bishop not even ten minutes ago as I was being released from a calling I held for three years. I told him that I wish I had done better, worked harder, been more faithful and he told me: "You did the best you could at the time - and the Lord is pleased with that." He then went on to note a couple of things I had done and gave me some wonderful praise.

I don't know if I ever felt anything but inadequate in my calling.. and I can tell you I STRUGGLED. But there were moments of sweetness, too. You are doing a service to those young adults and to your Heavenly Father, and you should be proud. Maybe you're not the best teacher in the world. But you are a faithful teacher. You are sacrificing your time and energy to help teach and uplift someone else. Don't let this girl get you down. Chalk it up to her immaturity and the heat of the moment, where she said the thing she knew would hurt you the most. Take a deep breath. Hug your kids. Read your scriptures. I think you're awesome just for trying and caring so much.