Sunday, November 19, 2006

what a weekend!

We had a weekend with some family members!
so much fun.
Steve and Leanne- Cory's brother- and their 5 kids spent 2 nights here.
then we spent saturday afternoon at the temple.
so neat to be there with so much family!
then we went to stake conference friday night session,
then out for some food.
then Brian and Jessica- Another brother of Cory's, and wife-
slept over too on Saturday!
so fun how they always spend the night with us when there are other family members here. love it!
we stay up late and talk and usually play Risk-
but not this time-
too bad, huh Jess! ha ha.

On Friday I got to take pictures of my sister Kim's little guy-
Taylor. such a cutie. someday I will learn how to post the picture where I want it, instead of always at the top!

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Andrea said...

sounds like a fun party. can we sleep over? or better yet... how bout just the kids. ha ha. cute photo as always