Thursday, November 23, 2006

winter wonderland

Well, it was snowing like crazy here today.
yah, and we had a visiting teaching appointment
for our girl who lives out, far from our city.
the van started this morning,
it didn't start yesterday,
so I took that as a sign that we should go.
the roads were not good.
visibility was low, lots of blowing snow,
but we made it.
only for me to get stuck in their driveway.
well, to the side of it, as I was going to turn around.
luckily my visting friend had AMA,
and they came 2 1/2 hours later to get us out.
Sadie missed kindergarten,
but other than that, it was all good
so much fun in the snow.

sadly the gingerbread house class that I was so eager to get to,
was cancelled because of bad roads.
man, I have a bucket loaded with goodies to put on that house, that just might not be around next week. hee hee.


Andrea said...

love the photos. you sure are a dedicated vt.

Kim said...

Love the pictures! You do such an awesome job!

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