Sunday, November 26, 2006


had a photoshoot with my past best friends brother-
this one of him and his girls was my favorite!
and Sadie with santa.
oh that santa,
I think he needs a new suit.
I think that hat makes him look a bit Russian!
I was informed by Sadie that he is not the real santa,
in case any of you were wondering!!
the kids did great on their song.
you could hear the audience awww after sadie did her cute part about angels singing hosannah and peace on the earf.
that's how she says it. too cute.
I got so many compliments of how good they did.
Cory bought them all slurpees, for doing so great.
slurpees. sheesh. it is like -20 here.
crazy man.
and sadly, because of that crazy coldness,
we missed the annual santa claus parade.
I am not sure if it even happened, but we weren't there.
too cold for me!
there's always next year.
Jed snuck out a box of Christmas decorations,
so we are a little festive.
Cory thinks we need to wait until December to do the decorating,
and this week is a little hectic,
so it will probably be next week that we get the tree up.
so fun!


Talia said...

so cute! i am loving all things Christmas right now.

Thank you so much for the little flowers you made for Gabby! They are so sweet, I can't wait to use them on a if only I had the time to scrapbook! Hehe!

And the little red and white santa hat is too freakin' cute. I'll post a pic of gabby in it soon!!

Andrea said...

Love the photos. cute. and ya... the santa needs an updated outfit. I'm sure there's some money in someone's budget. Glad the song went good. Wish I heard it. think they'll do it again?