Friday, November 10, 2006

happy times

feeling better.
about everything.
Cory won tickets to the Canadian Finals Rodeo
at work yesterday,
for that night,
so I dropped everything-
including the gingerbread house class I was supposed to be in,
and went to the rodeo.
it was fun.
crazy cowboys riding the huge bulls.
I thought a couple of times they were going to get stomped on.

but now,
we must go get the kids.
they got to sleep over at Grandmas.
fun stuff.
hoping to finish painting my kitchen this weekend.
I think I have said that before.
but now is the time.


Andrea said...

so cool. i'm so jealous. i'd love to go to the rodeo. hope you had a fabulous kid free time watching the bulls and cowboys. fun times

Kim said...

I hope things are better with seminary. I know exactly how you feel...I was in the same position last year. I'm sure you're an awesome teacher...and it's a hard calling! Don't give up, I'm sure you're great. Hope next week is better.

Kim said...
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Kelly McCaleb said...

oh kristi, teenagers are so awful! they don't mean what they say, when they talk like that it's just because they are getting talked to like that...i'm glad you have dusted yourself off! i wish i could give you a hug!