Tuesday, November 14, 2006

like new!

well, now that we have lived in this house about a year,
time to change the things I really wanted to the first time we looked!
the living room and dining room were a blue color,
that I did'nt love.
almost everyone who stepped in our door said they love the blue,
but not me.
so last night, we painted. 4 walls done, well, 2 completely done,
2 more need a second coat, then a few more walls to go! yay,
I love the new color.- it's called parchment. just a neutral, beige, kind of color.
you can see the blue in the back of those pictures.
my little baby in piggies!
she has a mullet happening, the back is so much longer than the front, so it was fun to play a bit.
I know someday she will have more hair on top.

and that light. was hanging in our dining room.
it is now gone.
yay. a black cooler one is now in it's place.
I will try to take a photo to show you all!

a year seems to be the normal time for me to get around to doing those things that I want to do to the house!
in our last house, the upstairs bathroom was sponge painted green everywhere, and I mean everywhere. roof, walls, cabinets.
oohh. it was bad. a year later my sister Shelley came and helped me paint over it.
I can't believe I lived with that for a year.
seminary tonight.
should be good.
thanks for all the sweet comments! I appreciated them so much.
I am good with it. I am moving on, and doing my best!
well the movie is over, kids are off school- a 5 day weekend. joy. I should run. school tomorrow! hurray!!


Kim said...

I can't wait to see the changes...so fun! I love projects like that.

Shelley said...

WHAT! You painted without me. I am deeply hurt. What am I going to do while I am home? I guess we will just have to party it up!! Enjoy seminary tonight. You will be great because you ARE great. Teenagers are dumb... believe me- I deal with 140 of them EVERYDAY! It is hard not to listen to them. I heard someone say once "Would you take fashion advice from them? Then why take their advice on other things!!" (Or something like that!) So true. Can't wait to come home and see your "new" house. 34 days....

Andrea said...

love the pigtails. guess our fam is cursed with mulletts. can't wait to see the new stuff.
and yes got the photos and printed them yesterday. love them.