Thursday, August 20, 2009

13 things I love

1. chocolate.

2. the thought that my kids will be in school in about a week and a half. yay!

3. that I still will have Maggie to hang out with. she is a good kid. easy to take places. keeps herself busy at home. she plays great all by herself. thank goodness!

4. naps.

5. quilting. hopefully I will have a finished one to show you soon. just need some more red thread for quilting it!

6. knitting! I will have to have a show and tell of stuff I have been making this summer.

7. scones. warm with butter and honey. I am going to have to make some soon!

8. koolaid. so sweet and delicious.

9. the warm summer sun. summer is way too short up here. I think we should move somewhere warmer.

10. zuchinni. I didn't used to like it, but now I do. grilled on the barbeque with some olive oil. yum. or even better- in some chocolate zuchinni cake. delish.

11. stars. I have a new big one. and a big plan for it. hopefully I can get Cory to help me hang it, and I will show you, of course!

12. reading blogs, finding stuff on the internet- great craft ideas, knitting help, recipies, anything you need, really! amazing.

13. scrapbooking. really. even though I haven't done any in so long. I have some ideas. I bought some new paper. I will make some more pages. soon, I hope!


Bobbi-Jo said...

Wow - I could just say "ditto" to almost each and every thing! I used to hate zucchini, but now I LOVE it. Especially stir fried. Yum!

I, too, love scrapbooking but haven't done ANYTHING lately. I'm saving for my sister's visit in a couple of weeks.

I am ALSO so excited for school! ALL of my kiddos will be in school for at least half days. What will I do with my time?

Great list!

Lynn said...

No. 10 - Me too! Love it that is!

jessica said...

I want a star!!! where did you find it?